Five Star Dog Bags

The Original Five Star Dog Bag


The last poop bag you'll ever need. These environmentally-friendly dog waste bags feature non-toxic, thick, and sturdy construction. These earth-friendly bags are made in the USA and safely break down when exposed to the sun after only 90 days. Our easy-open, non-stick material and leak-proof guarantee means you'll have the perfect pickup and no mess on every walk.

Our 14" long x 8" wide doggy poop bags are the perfect size for your small, medium, or large fur friend. Long enough to knot the top and keep odors contained inside, these poop bags are a breeze to carry.

The rolls are only 2" in diameter by 8" long, lots of bags in very little space! Available in blue or black. 

  • Thick, sturdy construction
  • Leak-proof guarantee
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Easy-open, non-sticky material
  • Our bigger 8" x 14" bag means it's great for dogs of any size
  • Available in blue or black
  • 200 bags per roll 
  • 1mm thickness

Save When You Subscribe & Buy Bulk!

Cost Per Poop Subscription Cost Per Poop (Save 10%)
1 0.069 cents 0.062 cents
2 0.044 cents 0.040 cents
5 0.038 cents 0.034 cents
8 0.034 cents 0.030 cents
10 0.033 cents 0.029 cents