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Five Star Dog Bags' thick, strong, sturdy construction are the perfect solution no matter your property type or size. Our sturdy, secure, lockable bag dispensers provides easy access to our dog waste bag rolls, and come in an attractive green powder finish.

Whether it's for you, your residents, or your employees, our bags offer the perfect pickup at a perfect price, and our earth-friendly technology makes it a choice everyone can feel great about!


Our earth-friendly dog waste bags are the perfect companion for play time or leisurely walks at the park! With our easy pickup pet clean up bags, we ensure that the park stays looking clean all while people and their pets feel good about their minimal impact on the environment.


The votes are in, we’ve got the best pet clean up bags on the market for government facilities! We’re committed to the highest quality of pet poop bags that are worthy of keeping government facilities neat and tidy.


From the tippy-top of skyscrapers, to the bustling sidewalks below — when it comes to eco-friendly pet poop bags, Five Star Dog Bags offers the perfect pickup in the urban landscape. Keeping cities clean and doggie poop free is how we roll with our bag rolls. 


Whether your condo complex has 10 units or 100 units, our strong, thick waste bags are easy to use and will ensure that the property stays dog poop free. We pride ourselves in knowing that we offer the best doggie poo bags for condos and the pups who occupy them!


Keep the neighbors happy and properties up to snuff (and sniff!) with our top notch eco-friendly pet clean up bags! Five Star Dog bags are a better bag, and the best option for HOAs when it comes to dog waste bags.


We give all other dog poop bag brands a wake-up call with our hotel friendly canine waste bags! Our bags are the equivalent of a luxury resort that you’ll never want to check out of. Try out our pet waste bags today — no room key required!


Knowing that our Earth friendly dog poop bags are used by folks all over makes us ecstatic! Serving people and their pooches everyday with the highest quality pet waste bags is what we’re all about.

Property Management Companies

Keep your properties mess-free with our doggy poop waste bags that are perfect for all types of residential and commercial areas. You do the property managing — leave the poop to us!

Ready to start using the best dog poop bag out there? Save 10% when you subscribe today!