Five Star Dog Bags

About Five Star Dog Bags

A poop bag you can feel great about.

For dog owners, the right dog poop bag makes all the difference. It's not something you think about often, but it only takes one leak, one tear, or one burst to ruin your day. We set out to make a better poop bag. Then we did.

But a poop bag shouldn't just be awesome for you, it should also be easy on the environment. So we took it a step further, and made a poop bag that won't end up in a landfill. The perfect pick-up is human friendly, dog friendly, and eco-friendly. So you can feel like you earned a gold star every time you use a Five Star Dog Bag.

Our commitment to quality is a commitment to you.

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality dog waste bags on the market. Making a better, faster, easier poop pickup for you, your four-legged friend, and the Earth isn't just what we do best, it's the only thing we do!

We're convinced that once you try Five Star Dog Bags you'll see: no other dog waste bag can compete with our strong, leak-proof, easy open design. So the next time your dog needs to go number two, make sure you have the number one pet clean up bag that money can buy!

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